South Sumatera Low Carbon Development To Be Hampered by Low Quality Coal Investment

South Sumatera Province, Indonesia, has 21.926 megawatt (MW) renewable potential. It uses only 67 MW, around 0,3 percent. The province has its vision energy management, “To Create reliable and optimising local source energy with environment and sustainability perspective.” One of its Regional General Planning on Energy’s policy direction is using new and renewable energy by reducing fossil fuel export particularly gas and coal. This vision prone can not be reach if low quality coal infrastructure support continue to be developed, in kind of increasing coal railway carrying capacity and mine mouth coal power plants with Foreign Direct Investment support. South Sumatera province has potential to create low carbon development and avoiding community from ecological destruction caused by low quality coal invesment. Read AEER’s publication on suggestion for government institutions, financiers, and community how to achieve low carbon development in South Sumatera.

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