Health Problem in Tegal Taman Village Near Indramayu Coal Power Plant I

Air pollution is a big risk for health, ranked as number 4 after high blood pressure, dietary and smoking risk globally. Estimated, there are 6.5 million premature death due o air pollution.[1] Fine particle is the most dangerous along with sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and above ground ozone that causing several illness.

Coal power plant is one of sources of these pollutants. This publication is exploring health problem related to air pollution in Tegal Taman Village, Indramayu District, West Java Province.

Near from Tegal Taman Village, less that 4 km eastward, exists Indramayu Coal Power Plant I. It has been in operation phase since 2010. Project construction started year 2007 by a consortium of China National Machinery Industry Corp (SINOMACH), China National Electric Equipment Corp (CNEEC) and PT. Penta Adi Samudra. The coal power plant is using low rank coal.

Financing for this project come from Consortium of China Construction Bank,  PLN (Indonesia’s state owned electric utility), and Indonesians bank. Indramayu Coal Power Plant I, located in previously active as 83 hectares agriculture land. Coal power plant has capacity 3×330 megawatt (MW).

Next to the existing coal power plant, another coal power plant with capacity 1000 MW is in the planning process, supported financially by JICA Japan.

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