About Us

About Us

Ecological Action and People's Emancipation


Sustaining communities whose environment is negatively affected by the production of strategic policies that harm the community and damage their environment.


Become a community partner in organizing and raising awareness, legal strategies, and campaigns dealing with strategic production policies that damage the sustainable relationship between the community and its environment.

Our Program

Program to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 41% in 2030.

This program prioritizes participating in reducing emissions in the energy sector by 290 million tons of CO2 by 2030.

Coal and Biodiversity

Promote the protection of biodiversity and community livelihoods as a strategic part of phasing out coal to reach the 2030 emissions peak and Net Zero Emissions (NZE) targets.





Climate Finance and Energy

Ensure that financial actors and regulators formulate ambitious policies to finance low-carbon technologies and energy. We produce analysis as well as studies on the involvement of the financial sector in energy and climate risk.




Energy Democracy

Ensuring universal access, social justice, renewables, public and social control, and a just transition in the energy system. We produce analysis and engage with civil society organizations and policymakers.








Transition Minerals & Public Transport

Ensuring the transition to zero-emission vehicles and low-carbon technology while prioritizing the principle of ecological justice for affected communities.




Our Activities with the Community

Discussion with the Community​

As an organization that wants to develop and help participate for Indonesia. We always hold discussions and hold events with other communities engaged in the same field.

FGD - Mengawal Elektrifikasi Bus

Jakarta, Indonesia

Forum Group Discussion (FGD) bertema "Mengawal elektrifikasi bus melalui berbagai perspektif". FGD ini mengundang sejumlah organisasi masyarakat sipil untuk mendorong transportasi umum yang inklusif.

Pencemaran Limbah Di Maluku Utara

Maluku Utara, Indonesia

Potret nelayan kesulitan mencari ikan akibat laut yang tercemar limbah industri nikel di Maluku Utara.

Kegiatan Bersama dengan Participatory Action Research

Jakarta, Indonesia

Foto bersama peserta dan pemateri lokakarya Participatory Action Research (PAR) untuk NGO dan aktivis lingkungan di Jakarta Selatan.

Penelitian Dampak Nikel & Pencemaran Air Laut

Maluku Utara, Indonesia

Penelitian soal dampak nikel terhadap pencemaran air laut di desa Sagea, Weda Utara, Halmahera Tengah, Maluku Utara.



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Action for Ecology and People’s Emancipation struggles to expand democratic space in sustainable natural resource management & build awareness of people’s political ecology.


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